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The Platform for Faster and Easier Computer Vision Development

Our cutting-edge computer vision technology opens up a world of opportunities, ensuring unmatched clarity, precision, and efficiency.

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Simplify your workflow.
Automate your control processes.

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15 %

Waste reduction

30 %


90 %

Control speed

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Deploy your
SYSTEM in minutes

Faster workflow means that tasks can be completed more quickly, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. This can result in cost savings and a more streamlined process.


With Eyerus’ faster computer vision development, organizations can automate their control processes and simplify their workflow, leading to more time for employees to focus on higher value-added tasks.

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Ease of Access with
the No Code platform

The ease of access provided by No-Code platforms simplifies development, increases productivity, reduces costs, offers flexibility, promotes collaboration, and facilitates rapid prototyping and validation.


These benefits enable organizations to create customized solutions efficiently and effectively.

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Modular and

Being modular and scalable provides flexibility and adaptability to fit a variety of use cases and scenarios.


This can lead to cost savings, as the same framework can be used across multiple projects, and can also make it easier to update and make changes to the system as needed.

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DataSet creation

Creating a personal dataset for building an AI model offers benefits such as customization, domain-specific knowledge, quality control, data diversity, privacy and security, rapid iteration, and competitive advantage.


By curating your own dataset, you can train AI models that are more accurate, reliable, and aligned with your specific requirements and objectives.

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Smart labelling

Smart labeling vs. manual labeling. Smart labeling improves efficiency, scalability, accuracy, consistency, and standardization, reduces costs, enables faster iteration, and provides flexibility and adaptability for deployment.


These benefits contribute to the overall effectiveness and success of computer vision systems in a variety of real-world applications.

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Create your own

Creating your own flow offers the benefits of personalization, flexibility, improved efficiency, enhanced creativity, ownership, alignment with priorities, and continuous improvement.


By designing a flow that suits your needs and preferences, you can optimize your work processes, increase productivity, and achieve better outcomes.


Use cases


Computer Vision can lead to higher crop yields, better resource efficiency, improved quality control, and more sustainable agricultural practices.

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It ensures high-quality production with advanced object control and recognition. Robotics and automation combine to streamline processes and enhance workplace safety.

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Smart Cities

It allows for effective infrastructure monitoring, optimized waste management, and ensures the safety and protection of individuals in complex urban settings.

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Public security

In crowded environments, it enables efficient and timely emergency detection, crowd monitoring, pedestrian flow management, and the swift search for missing individuals.

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