About Us

About Us

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BlueTensor imagined and created Eyerus.

We are a cutting-edge company in the field of Artificial Intelligence, with a passion for innovation and digital transformation.


Our mission is to create intelligent solutions that make the world a better place, simplifying and improving people’s lives through the use of cutting-edge technology.


We help you reduce costs by up to 40%


You will improve predictive maintenance by 18%.


With our assistance, you will achieve a 15% improvement in forecasts.

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We are particularly focused on developing solutions dedicated to the business world.

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We develop and implement AI-based solutions that use a platform/framework to solve problems in various vertical applications.

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Our framework simplifies and speeds up the delivery process of solutions.

Our products

We have created a family of ready-to-use products capable of addressing needs and solving problems in various sectors.

EYERUS is a highly modular and customizable platform that provides a flexible framework for quality control in industrial production.

LINGUANALYSIS simplifies document management.

Join us in transforming quality control from cost to benefit

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