Analyze, interpret, and process
images with precision and depth.

Eyerus is a powerful artificial vision platform that leverages artificial intelligence. This cutting-edge solution offers a wide range of features.

Dataset Acquisition and Management

  • Easily gather data from various sources like industrial cameras, archives, and file systems.
  • Configure acquisition parameters and real-time data stream visualization.
  • Efficient dataset management with subset creation and advanced search through customizable filters.
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Image Annotation

  • Advanced tools for object annotation, segmentation, and anomaly detection.
  • Ability to draw bounding boxes around objects, create precise masks, and identify abnormal images.
  • Smart Annotator to expedite annotation without prior training.
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Deep Learning Model Training

  • Intuitive interface for training deep learning models.
  • Selection of training and validation data.
  • Real-time model performance monitoring during training.
  • Training queue management and selection of the most accurate model.
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Real-time Detection

  • Object detection in real-time image processing.
  • Utilization of trained artificial intelligence models to identify objects.
  • Intuitive display of results on the user interface.
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Workflow Automation

  • Creation of custom workflows for automated image processing.
  • Use of pre-configured blocks for pre-processing, object recognition, quality verification, and other operations.
  • Customization and modification of workflows to suit specific application needs.
  • Custom outputs (webhook, notification, email).
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User-Friendly Interface

  • Intuitive and interactive React-based interface to simplify deep learning model creation, training, and management.
  • Accessibility for a wide range of users, including those without technical expertise.
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Technologies Used

Icona reti neurali

Deep Neural Networks
for creating custom deep learning models.

Icona apprendimento autometico supervisionato

Supervised machine learning
for object classification and detection

Icona reti neurali convoluzionali

Convolutional Neural Networks
for image analysis

Icona ottimizzazione

Optimization technologies
to enhance model parameters during training


Operational Cost Reduction.

Substituting human intervention and eliminating human error.

Increased process transparency and reliability.

Improved process efficiency and automation.

Creation of precise and reliable models.

Enhancement of product and service quality.

Reduction of production times.

Join us in transforming quality control from a cost to a benefit.

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